Baseball Players Should Be Encouraged To Dream Big!

Every Big Leaguer seems to have had the dream of playing Major League Baseball since they were young players.

Some of the common threads revolve around their home. It could be that the dad loved the game so they did too… and what an advantage it is to have older brothers in the game…huge! Just ask guys named George Brett, Aaron Boone, Marcus Giles or perhaps Joey Mauer… all with older baseball-brothers.

Everyone’s situation is different and many of us older guys did not have either of those advantages… today’s dads are just so much more in tune with their players today than they used to be… I never knew anyone who had a pitching machine and a batting cage in his backyard…but it is unbelievable how many competitive players now do…yes, it is that big of an advantage… and now more affordable than ever before! We now carry over 32 machines starting at under $200!  

For me, I remember the defining day… my father took me to the New York Yankees Ft. Lauderdale Florida Spring Training. Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Bobby Richardson, Yogi Berra, Roger Marris & Moose Skowren were all there…that’s all it took.

When I got my first Little League uniform…all baggy and scratchy with Mickey Mantle’s number 7 on the back… I was totally hooked.

And that is indirectly how I find myself reaching into your computer… and into your interest and perhaps love for the game.Passing The Game on to The Next Generation! Though too many kids don’t continue playing past their younger years, I know that many more would… if they were influenced… maybe by you?

Here are a few thoughts that require nothing special other than your interest in a young budding ballplayer:

· Take younger players to local High School Baseball Games… especially if it is the High School they will someday attend if you do not move. Better yet, bring them in their uniform with a few team mates or neighborhood kids. Some of today’s High School players are as big as pro players. Picture your own young player standing near the on deck circle just listening to the players talk to one another… only a fence separating them from these giants in baseball uniforms… so close they can hear the spit hit the ground… it has got to be an awesome experience as they gaze upward at these local heroes… and it costs you a few hours, a short drive and a couple of bucks at the gate… even the hotdogs are cheap!

· Take any age players to a local college game…it’s the same awe that the younger players get. The older, especially High School age players, get to measure themselves; you can almost see them asking themselves whether they can do this too… take older players to see the same team twice and you will notice them remembering a few players that stick out in their minds, chances are the players who excelled or the players who are on the field in “their” position… it starts bringing the point home about their potential… and it has nothing to do with what division, a 2 yr or 4 yr school or the teams current record…its all good!

· Have a catch in the backyard, often… you may never be closer to your own than you are just 60 ft away… not coaching every throw… just having fun talking about anything baseball or anything else, for that matter… it may be just enough to fan the dream.

In short, kids prefer doing anything fun…and the better they get, the more fun they have because they will spend the time it takes to get better…and the circle keeps going until they play their last game…and even then, the good memories continue a lifetime.

And if your kids are lucky…they may see themselves handing down the same game their fathers handed them. Have a lot of fun… this will go away too quick!

Hope to see you in the clubhouse next time…we’ll talk more.



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