Wheeler Dealer & ZIP Net Combo

Wheeler Dealer & ZIP Net Combo

Batting Tees are for babies  ……………. tee ball players.

But batting tees, like soft toss machines & pitching machines can be the key ingredients in the progress of any age player.

Frankly,  a high school , college or pro ballplayer might even tell you that they  hit more off a tee & toss station than they ever do in live drills… these important concepts just  seem to get lost between T Ball and High School. 

Players Today Don’t Swing  Enough                                                                     A lot of it has to do with how few swings players get at practice and how limited our practices get once the season gets going. Sandlot baseball has been replaced by teams and travel ball so it seems that kids who want to really progress must do it on their own…  probably at home.

Becoming  better does involve the time players will put into their sport… just like it is in their classroom studies.

The more they pay attention in class, the more they do their homework, the more they read the book… the better they test and grade.                              

Kids Love To Hit!                                                                                                                   Our kids tend to be better students in subjects they like. They pay more attention and may even enjoy the assignmnets… no different in baseball or softball. They want to swing more, so they get better and better if they swing more. They just need an opportunity and a place to do it!

Take that philosophy into the backyard, garage or basement where you can set up stations…  start with one and add to this over time.

Heres a couple of ideas that can inexpensively get your players the swings they need to grow and improve:

Batting Tee Station – You need a tee, a portable catch net & some balls. We offer plenty of tees here  http://baseballtips.com/hittingtees.html some are even self contained and don’t require a catch net. Take a look!

Soft Toss Stations – You can do this with a dad or player sitting on a 6 gallon bucket full of balls and a catch net. To build a solo player station, check out our Wheeler Dealer Auto Soft Toss Machine  (a personal favorite)  http://baseballtips.com/pitching-machines/soft-toss/wheeler-dealer.html or our more inexpensive Scorpion Soft Toss Machine http://baseballtips.com/pitching-machines/soft-toss/heater-scorpion.html and any of our catch nets found throughout our training aids section http://baseballtips.com/trainingaids.html.

Backyard Pitching Machines & Backyard Batting Cages – It is amazing how much you can now buy that was not available even two years ago. We offer these combos in all price ranges that has opened this ideal training  to more families than ever. Stay within your budget and see if this fits your players. http://baseballtips.com/pitchingmachines.html

Hope this brief post helps you think how to best improve your favorite players.

I have written a full article on the subject that you will find by following this link. http://baseballtips.com/howtouse.html

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