Awesome Ball Girl Catch
I Bet She Practices Hard!

Last evening on my way home, I stopped at an indoor baseball training facility and watched players training to be better ballplayers for the upcoming season.

I had just visited Georgia Tech head coach Danny Hall…where his blue chip players were just finishing up their daily workout.

Here it was Friday evening at 7 PM and there were 40 kids, mostly under age 13 having a blast. Most were batting, some off batting tees, some doing soft toss, front toss, swinging underloaded training bats, and taking live BP (batting practice). Others were pitching, throwing, running while others were just taking breaks fooling around with their buddies, new and old.

Here’s the point… they were all doing a set routine of drills and seemed very happy doing it… even though none of them would be seeing game action for quite a while yet.

Which begs the question… how important is your being the best ballplayer you can be?

  • It’s a great question & one that all answers can be correct.
  • It’s the one question that may actually determine how far you go in ANY important aspect of your young life.
  • Eventually, you have to ask yourself how much does it mean to you!

If baseball is a fun way for you to spend a few hours each week… even when there is snow on the ground, or when you are busy doing other activities that you really enjoy as well in the off season… then you are the guy who may go as far as your talent & body will take you!

But if baseball is only fun at gametime… maybe you should look at baseball as recreation and have fun with it for as long as it remains fun to play.

Like anything else that really means something to you, it takes your time…alot of your time.

Practice may make perfect but I more believe that focused practice where goals are set first, doing it correctly as part of your style will get you there… IF, you want it and think this is a very fun way to spend your valuable time.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

A-Rod said “something like” the following recently:  ‘Sweat alone won’t get you there…but without the sweat… you have no chance at’ …and that ‘s from the guy who was born with more talent than most Big Leaguers that you have ever even read about!

I encourage you guys to find out as soon as you can IF this is YOUR game… everyone deserves to be good at something…

Don’t just be good…be good at  something! I think I borrowed that from the writer H.D. Thoreau!

So, think about planning now to train to be a better ballplayer this season.