Three longtime baseball men from another era were honored with induction into the HOF on Saturday.

Hank O'Day, a 35 yr MLB umpire who previously pitched in the big leagues as well and also  managed 2 ballclubs was long gone, born in 1858!

Jacob Rupert was the baseball owner who brought (actually bought)  Babe Ruth to NY, which essentially accelerated pro baseball into the modern game that we know today while creating the biggest brand in baseball, The New York Yankees!  I doubt most born after 1950 would remember much of him.

James "Deacon" White, a 20 yr catcher from the late 19th century may have been one of the last in America to really believe the world was flat, reportedly arguing this point with team mates. He passed on in 1939.

I leave the merits of their enshrinement to those more knowledgeable and assume these were deserving men, and men of character, who probably were characters in their own right!




But Where's "Our" Guys"?
No Bonds, McGwire, Sosa or Clemens so no crowds like the 75,000 that were there for the Tony Gwynn, Cal Ripken enshrinement.Only 2,500 attended, somewhat resembling a travel baseball game crowd of mostly friends and family. Even half of the living HOF members didn't make it (if old friend G. Brett needed a "hall" pass, he was in uniform)…

Where Do We Coaches Come In?
I believe we re-shuffle our priorities and the replace one 5 minute paragraph in our 1st team meeting and perhaps our signing day speech, replace one 20 minute drill with a stern reminder of the consequences of shortcuts
But it's ultimately not about a HOF career and it's not about the W's! It's about teaching The Wooden Way, (coach John Wooden of UCLA B Ball-fame, for you younger guys), the ways of winning that are the hallmarks of champions!

Here's To Hoping We Can Do Better For Our Young, Impressionable Players!

Got another minute? Hope you will read this blog from , Senior Baseball Columnist for CBS Sports who attended this weekend's subdued festivities in Cooperstown