Can I Really Become A Baseball Player?

Yes You Can!

Jeff Kent retired recently.

Jeff Kent? – If you know the name and don’t know his game…you need to.

A veteran 2nd baseman for 17 seasons in The Big Leagues, Jeff was like most of us…not the biggest, fastest or strongest… he was just more determined to do what it took to achieve the dream…the hurdle all of us need to clear…AFTER realizing that we have the dream of playing baseball as long as we can!

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“I started as a college player, probably a guy who was a fringe player,” Kent said as he announced his retirement on Thursday. “For the kids who want to be a baseball player someday, there’s a chance that you can play this great game. If you’re not the biggest guy, if you’re not the fastest guy, even if you’re not the smartest guy, you can still play this game.”

·          Here’s some fun facts:                                                                                                                            Kent, listed at 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds, ended up the all-time leading home run hitter among second basemen with 351!

·          His long career began with the Blue Jays in 1992 and included stops with the Mets, Indians, Giants, Astros and Dodgers.

·          Kent retired with a .290 career batting average, 377 home runs, 1,518 RBIs and a .500 slugging percentage.

·          The 2000 National League MVP, Kent was a five-time All-Star and four-time Silver Slugger. He drove in more than 100 runs eight times (a record at the position), scored at least 100 runs three times and had at least 20 home runs 12 times.

·          He was a walk-on shortstop at the University of California and began his professional career after being drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in 1989.

·          Early in his career, Kent developed a reputation for his work ethic and no-nonsense commitment to winning.

“We close a great chapter today on a great baseball player who finds himself to be the best offensive second baseman in the history of baseball,” Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said.

Could this guy be you? If yes, maybe you just found a big piece that it takes to achieve your dream.  “Baseball players are trained” is evidenced by the average ability this extremely successful player… and baseball training and equipment is where we feel we can help you too!

Best of luck!

–Coach JP


* note that some of the above was culled from an article by one of the great writers at – it’s a site you really should pay attention to in your quest to become a betterplayer by paying attention to the best in the game!