Youth baseball players at age 13 generally signify a coming of age for a ballplayer… a coming out party of sorts! If you are younger, older or exactly age 13…this is for you.

For younger players…note that you are going to love playing on the big field.

For 13 yr olds…it may seem almost freightening but don’t worry…the only thing that continues to get bigger is you…the field (infield) will never get larger and you will own it soon!

For you 13 plus year old players and coaches of these great prospects… congratulations… you have successfully wiped out 70% of the competition. The only bad news is that you will now compete with the best 30% who play the game… and you are now learning to successfully compete and win! What a gas…all the good stuff is right in front of you!

I have written an article that I would really like you to read that goes more in depth. It’s a 5 minute read and well worth 5 minutes of the lif of any youth baseball coach or youth baseball player of any age!

Check the new articles area of our articles page at You will find it in the new section…right at the top of the page!

Have big fun, guys. Baseball at the age of 13,leads to baseball at the age of 14… practice and play hard and you are going to be shocked at how good and comfortable you will be on the big field, ow hard you pitch, how much better you will be in the field and how much fun it is to hit the snot out of a baseball and how quick it gets into those huge outfield gaps… doubles for everyone! Baseball at age 13 is just a tune up. Have a blast!