Batting tees get a bad reputation among youth baseball players. Since most of them hit off a tee when first learning to swing, it’s now been put in the realm of child’s play.

hitaway_360t_jeter_1_But batting tees, like soft toss machines and pitching machines, can be a key ingredient in the progress of any age player, from Little League to Cooperstown.

Frankly, high school, college, or pro ballplayers might even tell you that they take more swings off a tee or toss than they ever do in live drills. Developing mechanics and practicing those mechanics the right way, time and time again seem to be the important concepts for these players.  It just seems to get lost somewhere between T-Ball and High School.The Boss Baby film

Players Today Don’t Swing Enough

Most of the problem has to do with how few swings players get at practice and how limited our practices get once the season gets going. Sandlot baseball has been replaced by teams and travel ball, so it seems that kids who want to really progress must do it on their own, usually at home.

Just like learning a musical instrument or working at their classroom studies, becoming a better baseball player involves the time players are willing put into their sport.

Kids Love to Hit!

Our kids tend to be better students in subjects they like. They pay more attention and may even enjoy the assignments. They want to swing more, so they get better and better as they practice properly and consistently. They just need an opportunity and a place to do it!

Take that philosophy into the backyard, garage, or basement. Start with one station and add to it over time.


Here are a couple of ideas that can get your players the swings they need to develop:

Batting Tee Station – All you need a tee, a net, a bat, and some balls. None of these items need to be exceptional.  With a couple 4×4 posts and a few eye bolts, a batting tee station is only an hour away. We offer plenty of batting tees and portable catch nets. Some batting tees are even self-contained and don’t require a catch net.

Soft Toss Stations – Also with a portable catch net, you can set up a soft toss station with only a bucket full of balls and someone to toss ‘em. To build a solo player station, check out our Wheeler Dealer Auto Soft Toss Machine (a personal favorite) or our more inexpensive Tru-Toss Soft Toss Machine.

Backyard Pitching Machines & Backyard Batting Cages – It is amazing how much you can now buy that was not available even two years ago. We offer these combos in all price ranges, which has opened this ideal training to more families and players than ever. See how we can help you stay within your budget and meet your player’s needs.

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