The #1 backyard training aid that any player could ever hope for is a backyard batting cage. A pitching machine completes the package, though it can certainly be budgeted for at a later date.


If You Can Hit, You’ll Have a Place on Every Roster

Most players say that hitting is the most fun part of the game. As coaches, we know that the best we can hope for from our players is the ability to hit the ball hard and with consistency. A batting cage in the backyard allows for countless repetitions, a whole lot of fun, and an alternative (a productive one, at that) to afterschool video games.

Hitting the Ball Hard and Consistent Happens When a Player:

  • Is taught proper hitting mechanics
  • Focuses on those mechanics each and every swing
  • Practices that swing regularly
  • Swings hard at the baseball while practicing
  • Refuses to get sloppy

A mechanically sound swing will feel unnatural at first. But sticking through the growing pains and repeating these good mechanical swings over and over until they become so natural that success is merely another step to the next level.

There is no better way for a ballplayer to achieve and repeat these quality swings than to have the ability to walk out his own back door and get in a batting cage.

The tremendous number of swings that it takes to commit these mechanics to good muscle can take seasons of repetition. Approaching perfection takes a little longer. Without this effort, however, even natural athletes are not nearly as likely to succeed. Each year, we see these gifted athletes quickly being outmatched by the guy who works harder during practice and in his unscheduled practice time!watch The Founder movie online now

So why don’t more players have this invaluable backyard tool?

Space and Money. Money and Space. The reality is that many families find themselves short of one or both of these.

Until only a few years ago, batting cages were only available as pro-type cages, like the ones you see at high school and league fields. But as the game has grown in popularity and travel ball becomes bigger, some very creative inventors have filled in the gaps.

For those families who don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a professional batting cage, we offer some creative and inexpensive backyard batting cages to suit you and your ballplayer.

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