To Whom It Should Concern:

I continue to tire of the avoidable and worsening pattern of kids with devastating arm injuries not being protected by the adults in the room. We are so damn smart, but refuse to educate ourselves, our coaches, our players, and their parents for fear that our 10 year-old stud won’t win the big one.

Tommy John Surgery Scar

TJ scars are not a badge of courage!

We watch as MLB pitchers throw harder than ever and drop like flies to arm injuries!

The reality is that when drafting a pitcher, organizations are almost preparing themselves to lose that player for up to 18 months in his 1st 5 years of pro ball.

I promise you that it’s not coincidental nor is it happening due to the day where that arm finally breaks. This life changing event is likely caused by long term wear and tear!

Yes… It’s Complicated… But Baseball Injuries Are Important Enough That We Should Educate Ourselves!

Pitch Count Limits Are A Start
Baseball Leagues and Baseball Organizations must set and adhere to guidelines. Too many of these kids throw more with less rest in between outings than many fully grown Big Leaguers. I haven’t seen a pitcher ice his arm in over a year of travel ball, much less anything else that is comparable among college and pro players.
Good News?
Maybe pitch count limits & adults being aware of the damage an arm injury can cause is having a positive effect.
2008 was the high-water mark. The numbers are at least stabilizing.
I know we can do better by these kids!
Rant Over…