Be sure to take a look at our new Wilson Demarini Bats for 2009.

Demarini Baseball Bats

Demarini Bats

We’ve selected the Demarini Voodoo aluminum and the Demarini CF3 composite as two of the best innovations this year. Both of these bats not only contain all the new features that are being used to create huge sweetspots and more spring, but they also utilize state of the art aluminum and composite technologies that allow these innovations to be taken even further.  This translates to harder hits, more forgiveness on mis hits, and as much of an advantage from a bat as the rules allow (you know the competition will be looking for the same)!

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Demarini fastpitch softball bats are also available.

-Coach JP’s Tip

For Pitchers:

With two strikes, throw inside, especially on the hands. Why? Because with two strikes players are taught to expand their strike zone to protect the outside of the plate.

For Hitters:

This fall, consider learning to shorten your swing… learn to quicken your stroke and you may stay in the game longer!

For Fielders

When I see a poorly thrown ball from an infielder, I immediately look at his feet. Why? Because without good footwork, the brain and the arm always tend to be compensating, and that’s where bad throws seem to happen.