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Pitching Machine Basics

Any player who has the ability to walk out the back door to hit is at a distinct advantage over his competition...players just do not swing it enough otherwise!

Coach JP Baseball Tips Owner

Pitching Machine Categories:

*all throw official game weight & size balls though there are a few built for light balls only

Wheel Style Pitching Machines - 1,2,3 & 4 wheel models & optional auto feeders

The most popular types from backyard baseball to pro baseball. They use a spinning wheel(s) & a motor to propel the wheel(s). Most wheel pitching machines have adjustable speed controls & direction adjustments mounted on a steel frame that's attached to a tripod. All run on 110v current & can handle a generator. Most can be purchased as baseball pitching machines, softball pitching machines & some are in a combo unit for both sports. 1 wheel is entry level, 2 wheel are most popular & now 3 & 4 wheels that throw about anything you could want at Major League speeds.

Arm Style Pitching Machines - 4 rack fed & hopper fed models

These are sometimes known as Iron Mike Pitching Machines. That is the made in USA brand you may have seen & used at a commercial batting cage. They weatherproof & tough enough for years of service without trouble. All have auto ball feeders in a rack or a huge hopper that holds hundreds of balls.

Compressed Air & Non Electric Pitching Machines - No electricity needed

Some very clever engineers have created alternative styles that fill particular needs. The Zooka Pitching Machine uses compressed air & rechargeable internal battery that is an engineering wonder. Our UPM 45 Ultimate Pitching Machine is the official model for Cal Ripken baseball & softball machine pitch leagues. It uses a spring loaded concept so needs no electricity.

ALLSTAR ACE® 5000 Virtual Pitching Machine

  • Hit against live pitching everyday!
  • The only truly "live" pitching system
  • All speeds, all pitches, all sequences
  • Quality Made In USA Technology
In Stock
  • Choose Any Pitch, Any Sequence, Any Speed-RH or LH!
  • Easy To Set Up & Operate - No Computer Needed!
  • Repeat Mode, Sequential Mode, Random Mode
  • Multiple Unit Savings - A Real Money Maker & Fundraiser! We Will Save You Thousands AND Make You Thousands More!
What JP Says about the ALLSTAR ACE® 5000 Virtual Pitching Machine

Sometimes A Game Changer Is Right in Front Of You!

  • There is no substitute for hitting off of live pitching and when do you get to choose the pitcher or type of pitches... on demand?
  • Here's the solution. The virtual pitching machine that throws anything you have ever seen from an MLB pitcher... anytime!
  • This system was built by a professional engineer in 2003 and is now a worry-free training tool for the luckiest players on earth.

Random, Sequential or Repeat Mode

Repeat Pitch Setting - Now you can focus on the pitch thats been  beating you everytime. Watch it without swinging and coach yourself into a real gameplan. Then, step into the box, execute and get better! What an awesome way to overcome any troublesome pitch for any age or skill level!

Sequential Setting - Pre program by simply pushing buttons and compete against any live pitch sequence you might ever see...or fear. Make adjustments & gain confidence by seeing and doing in practice... not in the middle of a game!

Random Setting - Here's the ultimate test...game like conditions are lioke taking hundreds of at bats more than you have ever had the opportunity to have. How can you not get better! Now multiply that by an entire team.

Finding A Way To Win - Finding A Way To Budget Your Own Virtual Pitcher

This is a sizeable purchase and perhaps hard-to-budget money. But, like anything else worthwhile, it may take some work. Call and let's discuss a better path forward. We can talk total costs, fundraising, developing streams of revenue to pay for it as well. 1 800 487 7432



"The “ALLSTAR ACE 5000” is far and away the best baseball training tool on the market!

"It provides my clients with the greatest stimulus for improvement — the ability to train against “live” pitching. The video is always matched with the release of the pitch and amazingly, the speed of the pitch is always matched to the arm speed of the pitcher. This system surpasses anything I have seen or utilized during my sixteen years of research coaching, and analysis."

Dr. Chris Yeager, PHD, CSCS

Former Mechanics Analyst

San Diego Padres

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
In Stock
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