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Pitching Machines

Heater Big League Pro Automatic Soft Toss Machine
Price From: $69.95
Personal Pitcher Pitching Machine
Wheeler Dealer W/ Hurricane Net/Zip Net Packages
Heater Slider & Power Alley Batting Cage Package SL129BB+PA199
Heater Slider Lite Ball Pitching Machine
Blue Flame Pitching Machine Model UPM 45 L60111
Price From: $198.99
Heater Basehit Pitching Machine with Auto 12 Ball Feeder
This ultra-portable soft toss machine will toss a ball every 5 seconds.
Triple Play Basic 3 Wheel Pitching Machine

As low as: $250.00

Heater Junior Pitching Machine - Real Baseballs Up To 48 MPH
Wheeler Dealer Automatic Soft Toss Pitching Machine
Heater Pitching Machine & Optional Auto Ball Feeder

As low as: $399.99

Heater Curveball Pro - Fastballs & Curveballs Up To 52 MPH

As low as: $499.99

Zooka ZS740 & OTF Batting Cage Combo
Small and more portable version of the Zooka. Throws up to 50 MPH.
Heater Combo Baseball & Softball Pitching Machine with Optional Auto Ball Feeder

From: $639.49

To: $1,049.49

Heater Baseball Or Softball & Optional Xtender Batting Cage Combo

As low as: $699.98

1 wheel BB/SB pitching machine! BBDOG1XX
Zooka Pitching Machine - Perfect For League & Backyard Baseball
Get a sharper breaking ball & faster fast ball. Great for fielding exercises too!
Heater Curveball Pro & Optional Xtender Batting Cage

As low as: $799.98

A pitching machine for baseball and/or softball. Throws up to 62 MPH. Easy to maintain and portable.

As low as: $879.00

Heater BB/SB Combo Pitching Machine & Optional Xtender Batting Cage HTR599ABF

From: $939.48

To: $2,049.48

For Baseball and/or Softball. Throws any pitch from left or right handed "pitchers".

As low as: $1,179.00

A rack fed, arm style pitching machine made for youth players - in 20 or 25 baseball versions.
Phantom Jr. single wheel baseball & softball pitching machine
Affordable 2 Wheel Pitching Machine - Throws All Pitches!
BATA 2 Wheel Pro Pitching Machine

As low as: $1,779.00

This machine provides great pitch variety by putting two BATA 1 machines on one stand.
Price From: $2,120.00
Phantom 2 pitching machine is 21st century Made USA. Longest 5 yr warranty! Throws leather or dimple...

Pitching machines are best for getting the swings players need!
Backyard pitching machines & a batting cage are the best
combination for backyard baseball training.

Common Pitching Machine Terms

Pitching machines, batting machines, baseball machines, ball pitching machines, baseball batting machines – all the same.
Arm style pitching machines like the Iron Mike pitching machine by Master Pitch propels balls by a mechanical arm and includes a ball feeder.
Wheel pitching machines – 1, 2 & 3 wheel baseball batting machines using spinning wheels to propel balls. Portable & can throw various pitches.
Kids pitching machines – less expensive & throw with less speed.
Pitching machine balls – longer lasting rubber balls aka dimpleballs or dimple balls. Leather pitching machine balls have tough kevlar laces and lower flat seams so they will travel straighter.

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