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Batco Batting Tunnel Batting Cage

  • Our Largest & Best Batting Cage!
  • Folds like an accordion for quick storage
  • Folds in 2 minutes w/ 1 player at each leg
  • Our standard 12' height 18' width is 50% wider
  • Now available in 14' & 16' widths!
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  • Arc shaped design for maximum hitting space
  • Size allows live batting practice to be thrown
  • Uses #42 nylon net - strong & weather - treated
  • Zippered opening for easy cage entrance
  • No Permanent Construction Required
  • No Cables To Run Indoors
  • No Frame To Build Outdoors
  • New!  Custom Sizes Call 1-800-487-7432


Call 1- 800- 487- 7432 with additional questions from 9- 6 EST Monday-Friday

The most versatile cage on the market cage today, the Batco cage is equally useful indoors or out. It can be used indoors without running any cables across your gym or field house, and outside without building any frame to hang it on.

The Batco features #42 knotless nylon netting with a protected zipper opening at one end of the cage to allow for easy entrance and exit. The batting cage itself is 50% wider and 20% taller than standard tunnels, and significantly bigger than even other oversized cages. This results in ample space for any type of usage, including live batting practice with a catcher.

The size of the Batco cage means that you will never need to move the plate or readjust your pitching machine when switching from a right to a left-handed batter. Plus hitters will always be able to finish their follow-through without hitting the side of the cage.

* When you order your Batco cage, you must select the type of cage feet that you would like shipped with your cage. Indoor feet are rubber stoppers that go on the end of legs. Outdoor feet are 8" x 4" metal plates. Feet on the cage can be switched fairly easily.

If you want both sets of feet, add $150 to the total and call 1-800-487-7432 to place your order.

* All Batco cages are special orders and no returns are allowed.

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
Warranty Details Our pro rated warranty covers all moving parts.

Further Description

Indoor Batco Cage

Everything You Need to Know About the Batco


Superior materials are used to produce the Batco cage and this will provide many more years of service than the typical tunnel.

The arcs are constructed of four pieces of 16 gauge galvanized steel, and the inside and outside of the steel tubing is coated with a galvanized rust preventative. These steel arcs are then housed in sleeves of industrial strength vinyl and serve as the backbone behind the cage's horizontal stability.

The netting is weather treated 42 gauge knotless nylon net, the heaviest and most durable netting used in any cage. The net is 50% stronger than the standard net used in commercial cages, and it's sewn into heavy-duty VCN sleeves.

All sewing is done with heavy duty thread that has been treated to protect it from ultraviolet light and uses double lock stitching to provide the ultimate durability possible.

Practicality & Convenience

Even though the Batco cage is larger and made of higher quality materials than other cages, perhaps its most appealing feature is its unique convenience. Just anchor each end of the cage to a gym wall (indoors) or to poles in the ground (outdoors) and you have a vertically self supporting batting cage.

When using outdoors, the Batco's arc shaped design prevents movement in the wind. Indoor users really appreciate the Batco because there is no need to construct an elaborate hanging system.

The Batco cage can easily be folded and unfolded, like an accordion. After use, the Batco cage can be folded to 18' wide, 12' high, and just 2' long in less than 5 minutes. To collapse the cage you need two players per arc (8 players for the 54 footer and 10 for the 72') to slide the cage into storage. The players simply walk in unison, folding the cage up against the wall or fence as they walk.

You can always leave the Batco batting tunnel in place so that it's ready for use, but for those having to share space in a gym with other sports it's good to know that you can pull the batting cage out from storage in just a few minutes and then quickly fold it back after practice.

Cage setup is easy, as the frames are constructed to slide together quickly. Each cage comes with written installation directions and a step by step installation video.

Another great feature is the zipper entrance at one end of the cage. Players and coaches will no longer need to lift up the net to enter the cage, as the zipper opening acts like a doorway.

Will I Need to Buy Anything?

The only thing you have to purchase is 2 eyebolts to use with the end anchors. If using the cage outside, you will also need to buy two 10' poles for support and sink them 3' into concrete

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