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Bat Stick Batters Training Aid

  • Lightweight & fully portable hitting station
  • Seamed ball duplicates feel of real contact
  • Indestructible - absorbs the shock of hard hits
  • Very affordable - great for backyard or ballpark
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  • Great for pre-game warm up!
  • Will improve ANY AGE OR SIZED PLAYER
  • Lightweight & fully portable hitting station


The Bat Stick Is A Handheld Training Aid Designed To Help Players Learn The Art Of Making Hard Ball Contact!

It also assists seasoned players to correct hitting problems and develop better hitting skills while easily increasing the amount of quality swings the player can take in a short amount of time (players can swing every three to five seconds).

The heavy shock-absorbing fiberglass and polymer construction is designed to absorb the shock upon contact and will last through many seasons of hard use.

"A convenient way to hit!" - Coach JP


  • Youth Bat Stick - Red & Black, 54" long
What JP Says about the Bat Stick Batters Training Aid

The Bat Stick represents one of the easiest methods for improving hand/eye coordination and for building "in the box confidence."

A great thing about it is that it only requires a hitter and a drill partner or coach. No set up or catch net is needed. There's nothing else to lug around!

I can't tell you how many times I took my own son or players to the batting cage before games so they could have an opportunity to warm up. You can see how easy it would be to warm up an individual player with the Bat Stick. or an entire team with two or three. especially since they are so portable and inexpensive!

As a batting trainer, it is a great way to work all parts of the strike zone, as opposed to throwing less-than-perfect pitches.

For batting practice, the Bat Stick an ideal way to warm up your on-deck hitter. and if you think about it, the on-deck hitter will now get many more swings than the player in front of them who is hitting live!

This simple device actually allows your players to get more swings in less time. Considering the limited amount of practice time that we generally have and the fact that most youth players don't get to swing enough. this item just makes sense.

Additional Information

Warranty 2 Year
Grip Length N/A
Bat Barrel Color N/A
Bat Handle Color N/A
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